How To Make Real Dollars Just Selling Feet Pictures

This article shows you the best ways to make real dollars from just selling your feet pictures and some of the ways you can.

Are there people really interested in feet?

Yes, there are. It’s possible to sell your feet pictures because there are lots of people interested in feet. These people have what is called a “foot fetish”. While other people love other parts of the body, they love feet and are ready to pay good money for pictures or videos of good looking feet.

How much dollars can you get selling your feet pics?

You can sell your feet pictures for a lot of money, especially to different people around the world.

It’s not uncommon to sell pictures from $10 to even $100. The exact amount you can sell them for will depend on the particular buyer and what they are interested in. It will also depend on the seller (you) and how much you want to charge for your pictures.


Why this is a big money making opportunity?

There are many reasons why this is a big money making opportunity. Some of the reasons are:

1. You can sell to millions of people around the world who have a foot fetish

Yes, there are many millions of people all over the world who have this fetish. Thanks to the Internet you can reach many of these people to sell your pictures to them. You are not limited by location or even time.

If you put things in place you can even be selling your pictures while you sleep. You can simply set up a website or blog or even a social media page, to display samples of your pictures for foot lovers to view and even buy.

2. You can become a foot model and get paid by modeling agencies

There’s definitely more to selling feet pics than selling to people who have a foot fetish. You can become a feet model just like people become normal models and get hired by modeling agencies.

These modeling agencies have gigs for models with beautiful feet. You can be one of such models getting paid to get pictures taken of your feet.

3. You can become a foot model and get paid by companies directly

Even if you don’t get gigs directly from modeling agencies, you can get foot modeling gigs from companies directly. There are companies that might want to work directly with foot models rather than through modeling agencies.

For example, many cosmetics and fashion companies and brands need foot models for beautiful feet pictures displaying their products. You can also work with big salons that need pictures of beautiful feet for their advertisements, marketing or even displays.

Even big brand designer shoe companies are always on the lookout for models with beautiful feet.

Also, brands that sell jewelry products for feet are always looking for females with beautiful feet to work with to display their products. Even those that sell nail polishes pay big money to foot models with beautiful looking feet.

If you have beautiful feet that such companies want pictures or videos of, you can get paid to work with them directly.

4. You can become a foot model and get paid by movie directors and producers

There are many movies and documentaries where beautiful feet are needed. You can get paid by such movies and documentaries directories or producers to get featured to display your beautiful feet.

With such gigs you can get paid a lot more than trying to sell pictures to individual foot lovers.

Obviously, there are more ways to make money with your feet than just selling your pictures or videos to people who have a foot fetish. You can turn this into a full time job and can keep getting paying gigs all year round.

That’s why it’s wrong for anyone to try to make you feel bad for attempting to sell your feet pics or videos. It’s definitely not just about foot fetish, as you have seen above.

Just getting the right movie or documentary gig alone can make you thousands of dollars.

How can you sell your feet pictures for real dollars?

You can start selling your feet pics by first finding people interested in buying. These people are everywhere of course, but many don’t want to reveal that they love feet. It’s still a personal thing for many feet lovers and they don’t go telling everyone they love feet.

Use social media

You can let such people find you by putting your feet picture samples on your social media pages and indicate that you are willing to sell your feet pictures if anyone contacts you privately.

You should start with the more popular social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The combined billions of active people on these social sites mean there are millions of people you can find that will be interested in your pictures.

Just make sure you put up good sample pictures on the social media accounts you create and let potential buyers know you are interested in selling.

You can also contact feet lovers directly from their social media pages. Many of them create social media pages without revealing their real identities. You can reach out to such feet lovers and ask if they want to buy your pictures.

When reaching out to them, show them the samples you have taken and let them know you are keen to customize pictures for them, based on what they want… as long as you are okay with their requests.

If you make it a habit of contacting many of these feet lovers whenever you get the chance, you will definitely end up with many who will be interested in buying yours.

Use classified advertisement sites

You can create ads yourself in classified advertisement sites indicating that you have beautiful feet pics for sale. Many people use classified ads to find what they need, including people with foot fetish.

Some of the classified ads you can use include:

  • Craigslist
  • Locanto
  • Gumtree
  • Oodle
  • etc



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