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How To Make Money As a Feet Model

If you have beautiful legs and feet, then you should consider becoming a feet model. This is a career path that many now follow to make money.

Yes, this is one of the ways of selling feet pics and making money.

Those who do this earn good money using their feet to advertise items like footwear, jewelry, cosmetics, and clothing.

You too can follow this career path and start making a living.

If you want to become a feet model, then you should read the remaining part of this article. It talks about becoming a foot model and exactly how it all works to make you money.

But first things first, it’s important to really understand…

Who is a feet model?

A feet model is someone who uses his or her feet to model shoes or other items worn on the legs. They can also use their feet to model for health and beauty products like nail polish, cream, and soap.

Feet modeling is a type of modeling called body-parts modeling. Other body-parts modeling types include face and hands modeling.

Feet Model


How to qualify to become a feet model

Your basic qualification to become a feet model is to have an attractive feet. Once you have attractive feet or legs, then you have the basic requirements needed by talent hunters to employ you.

Aside from having attractive feet, foot models are known to have the kind of skill to walk the runways just as those who are considered full models.

Yes, most full-body models can still body parts models, and for this reason, they also do foot modeling by working for agencies, advertisers and other employers.

If you truly want to be a professional foot model, then you need to be disciplined and dedicated. You must also embrace this career path also requires good planning.

There are things you ought to understand about your feet and body first so you are not caught unawares when an agency comes for you.

Some of the preparations you have to do include:

Make sure you have a fitting and hygienic foot

Foot models need to have feet that could fit into shoe samples. The feet should be clear from blemishes like calluses and varicose veins.

There should be an attractive slender foot, uniform and straight toes, slender and long legs free from blemishes, and so on.

Take the measurement of your physical attributes and keep track of them

Measure your body’s height and weight and note them down.

Measure your feet and their dimensions.

Determine the type of foot model you want to be from the onset

You can decide to be model shoes, trousers, toenails, magazine covers, beauty products, jewelry, and other accessories.

You should choose the option which gives you the best comfort.

Create a portfolio of your modeling jobs

Take photos of your leg and feet in different positions and adorning different items. Include commercial-style images that you might see in catalogs and advertisements.

You can also build the portfolio using advice and the output of professional photographers. You can create both digital and non-digital portfolio of your foot pictures.

Make sure that the images in your portfolio are very clear.

Stay in a city or a location where you are more likely to get a job as a foot model

Yes, the location matters when it comes to getting a good job as a model, including as a foot model.


Where do feet models work?

Foot models work in a number of places that include modeling companies, magazines, TV commercials, Fashion homes, and so on.

In fact, you can be employed as a foot model by organizations or individuals that find your foot or legs attractive.

Even if you don’t get modeling gigs directly from modeling agencies, you can get definitely get awesome gigs from companies directly. Yes, there are many companies these days that might want to work directly with models and pay them directly than through modeling agencies.

For example, many big (and even small) cosmetics and fashion companies need foot models for to display their products. You can also work with big salons that need pictures of beautiful feet for their advertisements, marketing or even displays.

Even big brand designer shoe companies are always on the lookout for models with beautiful feet.

Also, brands that sell jewelry products for feet are always looking for females with beautiful feet to work with to display their products. Even those that sell nail polishes pay big money to foot models with beautiful looking feet.


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